Selling Property


Payment to You:
Our job for you is firstly when a copy of the Contract comes in to us from your Land Agent, we will send you an authority giving you the option of collecting your cheque from our office once Settlement is completed, or if you prefer we can post it to you or we will even stop at your Bank on the way back to our office and deposit the cheque into your Bank Account on your behalf. 

We will liase with your Bank to obtain a payout figure, ensuring that your Mortgage is fully paid out at Settlement and discharged from your Title.

Rates & Taxes:
We will contact all of the Rates departments to find out the exact amount owing to them to enable your name to be taken off the register as the owner of the property.  We pay the SA Water to the end of the quarter after Settlement, Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax (if applicable) to the 30th of June and Council to the 30th of June following Settlement.  Then we will calculate the daily rate for each of the Rates and work out the proportion of the Rates and Taxes that the Purchaser owes you as a refund for any rates you have overpaid.

If there are any Encumbrances which need to be discharged out of your name, we arrange for the Discharge of Encumbrance to be prepared.  We attend to collect the Discharge of Encumbrance from the Developers Conveyancer and lodge it at the Lands Titles Office.

Settlement Statement:
About one or two weeks before Settlement we will prepare an Interim Settlement Statement which we give to you so that you have an idea of what will be deducted from the Sale Price on Settlement day for example, we will pay the Land Agents Commission and fees on your behalf and all other fees required to give clear title to the Purchaser.

We liase with your Bank, the Purchasers Bank and the Purchaser Conveyancer to arrange a mutually convenient Settlement time to meet at the Lands Titles Office to collect your Cheque from the Purchaser.  Once completed we telephone you as soon as possible as we know that waiting can be one of the toughest parts of selling.